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Learn More About The “Self-Acceptance Psychology” Paradigm For Just $5


Social workers, psychologists, and counselors: Purchase a 70-page PDF booklet on Self-Acceptance Psychology™ for just $5. Through a variety of case examples learn exactly how you can integrate this powerful new paradigm into your clinical practice.




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I am charging a nominal fee to help maintain this website and support development of a full-length clinical book.

Content includes:

  • Five Causative Factors:
    1. The Primal Threat Response or “Fight-or-Flight”
    2. Fear of Social Exclusion
    3. Shame as an Attempt to Prevent Social Exclusion
    4. Trauma
    5. Attachment Status
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology Connects the Five Causative Factors
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology Connects Attachment and Shame
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology Connects Shame and Lack of Self-Attachment
  • Three Shame-Management Strategies
    1. Other-Blaming
    2. Self-Blaming
    3. Blame Avoiding
  • Relationships and Shame Management Strategies
  • Case Formulation in Self-Acceptance Psychology
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology as a Replacement for the Disease Model
  • Benefits of Self-Acceptance Psychology
  • Clinical Examples
  • Resources