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Social workers, psychologists, and counselors: Purchase a 70-page PDF booklet on Self-Acceptance Psychology™ for just $5. Through a variety of case examples learn exactly how you can integrate this powerful new paradigm into your clinical practice.


Self-Acceptance Psychology is, quite frankly, a work in progress. I hope to develop a full-length book based on these ideas for use by clinicians, and eventually one for the lay public. However, I am a full-time psychotherapist, not an academic who has grant funding and a staff to assist me in conducting research or literature reviews.

A traditional publishing process would take years and I believe the time is now to speak out and change the current system that is harming so many people. Even though these ideas are not fully formed or extensively researched, I feel very strongly that we need to stop psychiatry and it’s DSM/ICD falsehoods and the resulting over-drugging of America immediately. It makes me angry every time I see a person come into my therapy office who is wrongly labeled as “disordered,” told that there is something wrong with his brain, and given drugs. Children who are labeled with “ADHD” and “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” and drugged are forever changed by these chemicals and the stigmatizing experience of diagnosis. If I can help save one person from being harmed by this dysfunctional and damaging system, I feel I must do so.

To get these ideas out to the widest audience in the shortest amount of time, I am currently offering a 70-page PDF of Self-Acceptance Psychology™ for just $5.

Credit cards accepted or pay with PayPal through our secure PayPal Checkout (Please note, checkout is through our Pack Leader Psychology Account). After completing the checkout process and payment process on PayPal, click on the “Self-Acceptance Psychology™” button to be redirected to a Purchase Confirmation page containing a link to download the PDF. You will also receive an emailed receipt for your order, which also contains a link to download the file.

I am charging a nominal fee to help maintain this website and support development of a full-length clinical book.

Content includes:

  • Five Causative Factors:
    1. The Primal Threat Response or “Fight-or-Flight”
    2. Fear of Social Exclusion
    3. Shame as an Attempt to Prevent Social Exclusion
    4. Trauma
    5. Attachment Status
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology Connects the Five Causative Factors
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology Connects Attachment and Shame
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology Connects Shame and Lack of Self-Attachment
  • Three Shame-Management Strategies
    1. Other-Blaming
    2. Self-Blaming
    3. Blame Avoiding
  • Relationships and Shame Management Strategies
  • Case Formulation in Self-Acceptance Psychology
  • Self-Acceptance Psychology as a Replacement for the Disease Model
  • Benefits of Self-Acceptance Psychology
  • Clinical Examples
  • Resources