About The Author

Harper West, MA, LLP, is a psychotherapist at Great Lakes Psychology Group with offices in Clarkston and Troy, Michigan.

She is the author of “Pack Leader Psychology,” an award-winning book on relationships and self-improvement.

As she wrote about in Pack Leader Psychology, Harper underwent a deep personal transformation that completely changed her personality and relationships.

“By teaching myself mindful self-acceptance, I fundamentally changed from being hamstrung by self-doubt and self-criticism to truly being calm and self-assured. In relationships with others I am no longer submissive and conflict-avoiding by default in an effort to gain their approval. I use prompt, forthright, assertive communication to set healthy boundaries. However, I am proudest of the new relationship I have with myself. I can respond with kindness and compassion when I am feeling emotionally distressed. I can be my own secure attachment figure, without being unhealthily dependent on others for my emotional needs.”

Harper West, MA, LLP

Harper West, MA, LLP